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The first session of Public Council on cross-sector cooperation for implementation
 of international environmental protection conventions in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan’s Ecological Forum of NGOs initiated organization of a roundtable on implementation of environmental protection conventions in the Republic of Kazakhstan which took place on November 5-6, 2001 in Kokshetau.

Major results included improved cooperation among key sectors, namely, governmental agencies, NGOs, Parliament, and other structures involved in implementation of environmental conventions.

Cross-sector cooperation is essential for successful implementation of the conventions. At the Roundtable establishment of the Public Council for cross-sector cooperation on implementation of environmental protection conventions in Kazakhstan was proposed as a way for fostering interaction among the three sectors.

The original plan called for The Public Council to carry out its activities in the form of sessions. It was proposed that the first session would be organized in late January-February 2002. Because of the number of objective reasons the first session took place on November 6, 2002 in Almaty.

In accordance with the agenda, the session’s participants were provided with a Report summarizing results of the Roundtable organized in Kokshetau on November 5-6, 2001. Ms. Bragina representing NGO “Naurzum” presented a report on implementation of key environmental protection conventions in Kazakhstan. Mr. Ishankulov, Chief Expert of the Program “Institutional capacity building for sustainable development in Kazakhstan” described actions undertaken in Kazakhstan under international ecological conventions. Particularly, the following conventions were discussed:
  • Convention on combating desert expansion.
  • Convention on preservation of biodiversity.
  • Convention on World heritage.
  • Convention on preservation of swamps and bodies of water (Ramsar Convention).
  • Convention on migrating species (Bonn convention).
  • Convention on climate change.
  • Convention on persistent organic pollutants (Stockholm convention).
  • Orhus Convention on access to ecological information, public participation in decision making and access to justice on environmental issues.

Mr. Bekniyasov, Specialist of Kazakhstan’s Environmental Ministry Ecological Policy Department further discussed implementation of international convention in Kazakhstan. He stressed that the new Minister of the Environment, Ms. Samakova, had initiated a series of reforms leading to development of several governmental-level proposals on implementation of environmental protection conventions.

Participants of the session came to the conclusion that public participation in implementation of key international conventions was extremely important and further actions would have to be planned and undertaken.

 The session led to development of the Agreement on cross-sector cooperation aimed at implementation of international environmental convention protections in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Agreement has been sent out to several ministries and other governmental agencies.

Also, as a result of the discussions, the sessions’ participants decided to develop the Strategy of Kazakhstan NGOs actions aimed at implementation of environmental protection conventions in Kazakhstan. The strategy will be presented at the fourth Ecological Forum of Kazakhstan NGOs.

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