Online Course Produced by Central Asia Network for Environmental Journalists

CANEJ established on-line open distance training course in Russian to educate environmental journalists, journalism teachers, students and media professionals.

On-line course contain six modules:

Conventions Environmental policy, strategy and legislation Environmental Problems Environmental Journalism and Education Useful Links, Experts, NGOs Nature and People

The special section on environmental policy, strategy and legislation of the Central Asian countries; also on international agreements and conventions related to climate, biodiversity, biosafety, desertification, chemical pollution, water resource management and others, signed or ratified by the Central Asian

Another section promotes interpretation of regulations of the Aarhus Convention On access to information, public participation on decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters
and Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers Protocol (PRTR Protocol).

On-line course also inform journalists about UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development and present environmental situation in Central Asia on chemical pollution, water problems and another ecological subjects.

On-line course available on UNESCO web-site: 

The project “Creation of network for ecological journalists of Central Asia” (Central Asian Network for Environmental Journalists - CANEJ) objectives were to establish arrangements to ensure freedom of speech and access to ecological information (one of the main principles of the Aarhus Convention); increase awareness of journalists on environmental problems of Central Asia and to strengthen their capacity to cover these problems in mass-media.

CANEJ members from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan participated in workshop as well as representatives of the Ministry for Environment Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Educational Center «Bilim-Central Asia», local NGOs and ecological experts.

Workshop on practical skills to establish on-line courses to educate Central Asian environmental journalists was also held.

Final step of project is the publication of a leaflet entitled “Creation of network for ecological journalists of Central Asia” containing information about CANEJ rules and procedures, acting strategy etc.

For future information please contact:

Kazakhstan - Environmental News Agency “Greenwomen”
E-mail:  Uzbekistan - “Gender, innovation and development”,
E-mail: Tajikistan - “For Earth”
E-mail:  Kyrgyzstan - «Global and Local Informational Partnership»,

CANEJ Project was supported and sponsored by the UNESCO International Programme for Communications Developing (IPDC). Official IPDC website: 

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