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The Green Heart youth project

We, future ecologists, realizing that our fragile and beautiful world needs protection decided to launch our own project entitled The Green Heart.

Students volunteers from Kazakh National State University and other educational institutions of Central Asia have been working on the project since 2001 under the auspices of Ecological News Agency Greenwomen with the assistance of Humanistic Institute HIVOS, which specializes in providing aid to developing countries.

youth bulletin

Our mission:
To promote youth participation in resolving ecological problems by raising awareness and developing ecological mentality.

How do we plan to achieve our goals?
We started to publish our youth bulletin The Green Heart, informing, explaining and attracting attention to urgent issues. We hope to use our bulletin as a vehicle generating discussions on issues of concern to young people.

We would like to develop ecological mentality among young people. Those who in the near future will work in government agencies and private enterprises, participate in activities of non-governmental and political organizations, make key decisions (including ecology related), should realize that “Don’t harm!” principle is the cornerstone of attitude toward environment. Environment should be treated with full responsibility and seriousness.

In the framework of this Project we also plan to carry out other activities. We look forward to cooperating with students and teachers, youth media and NGOs, business people and all concerned members of the community – all those who care about the world of tomorrow.

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