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Summary of seminar
Strategy of actions of the Coalition
on elaboration of indicators for monitoring implementation of the Aarhus Convention "On access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters" in Kazakhstan to create conditions for the meeting of pubic needs in relation to access to information, involvement in decision-making and access to justice regarding environmental matters

The main objective: elaboration of indicators and Aarhus convention monitoring in Kazakhstan to create conditions for the meeting of pubic needs in relation to access to information, involvement in decision-making and access to justice regarding environmental matters.

Other purposes:

- assessment of PP10 implementation in Kazakhstan (Coalition Partnership for the Principle 10);
- situation assessment and elaboration of recommendations on the Aarhus convention implementation (research);
- distribution results of researches.

Actions strategy (how to achieve purpose)

- To found the Coalition and Advisory group (Resources Group) – the advisory group is included into Coalition structure.


Lead organization is the Greenwomen Public Association (Kazakhstan):

- Coordinates actions and distributes the information among all members of the team.
- Conducts Coalition assemblies.
- Arranges tasks for assessment.
- Observes objectivity of assessment.
- Assists Coalition members to coordinate works and communicate.
- Arranges schedule.
- Connects with "The Access Initiative" and coalitions in other countries.
- Distributes computer data developed "The Access Initiative" and assists for data input (CD).
- Ensure openness, access and adapts materials for all members of the team.
- Fundraising.
- Arranges Coalition regulations and agenda.
- Adapts "The Access Initiative" methodology (indicators) and elaborates local indicators.
- Conducts researches (monitoring).
- Conducts assessment.
- Prepares reports and materials.
- Elaborates recommendations in team-work with Advisory group (Resources Group).
- Observes and monitors recommendations implementation.
- Conducts information campaigns (prepares publications and distributes to interested parties).
- Carries on a dialogue with all interested parties:

- IDC (Institute for Development Cooperation), Almaty
- NGO "Belovodye ", Ust-Kamenogorsk
- Intergovernmental Comission for Sustainable Development,
- Research-and-Development Center, Kazakhstani Branch, Almaty
- IUCN, Central Asian Branch, Almaty
- NGO "EcoMuseum", Karaganda

- the members of different organizations carry out researches, collect data and analyse situation on Aarhus convention implementation in different fields and geographical regions in Kazakhstan.

Coalition must includes:

- Leader (leading organization coordinates actions)

- Researchers Group (different NGOs members and regions representatives (researches and assess).

- Advisory Group (consults and recommends Researchers Group).
• Parliament deputies and representatives;
• Ministry for Environment Protection.
• NGOs representatives.
• Mass-media.
• Experts.
• Scientists.
• International organizations representatives.

Advisory group (Resources Group) must includes:

• Officials representatives: Parliament, Government (Ministry for Agriculture, Sanitation Service, Ministry for Environment Protection, local officials),
• Experts, businessmen, international organizations representatives.

Advisory group


Tito Syzdikov,
Committee for Environmental and Nature Management, Chairman
Mazhilis (Lower chamber)
Marina Kim,
Secretariat of Committee for Environmental and Nature Management, Consultant
Mazhilis (Lower chamber)

Ministry for Environment Protection

Akhmetzhan Kushenov,
Department for Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development, Director

Indira Urmanova,
City Department for for Environment Protection, Deputy Director, Astana
East–Kazakhstan Regional Territorial Department for Forest and Hunting Service
Natalya Denisova, Senior Manager
Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (REC CA), Almaty
International Experts Network for Sustainable Development in Central Asia, Almaty
EcoForum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty
Mass-media, Almaty, regional and local.
The Advisory Group includes ecology, law, public needs experts, scientists and official representatives.
This group does not assess, it observes process.

Advisory Group duties:

- consults selection of suitable examples (indicators).
- observes and monitor work and participate.
- checks in and corrects results.
- involves community.
- assists for elaboration plans and actions strategy.

Prospective results:

- Coalition on the Aarhus Convention implementation report (assessment).
- Actions strategy (recommendations, mechanisms for plans and projects implementation)
- Monitoring.
- Prepare guide for researches.
- Proposals to develop "The Access Initiatives" methodology.
- Coalition is a part of a global and regional network for cooperation with "The Access Initiatives".
- Intensify cooperation with NGOs, government and international organizations.

How to use results:

- Information on Coalition work results.
- Based on report (assessment) – to elaborate recommendations.
- Coalition members and interested parties use recommendations in practice.
- Monitoring results are effective to assess progress.

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